Relaunch Jungfraubahn Shop

The Jungfraubahn, which belongs to one of the most famous mountain railways in the Alps, relies on Peaksolution already for many years. At the beginning of 2016 the decision was made to relaunch the website and the shop, which should move in the focus of their internet appearance even more.

Sales processes for train billets, packages, ski passes, lodging, ski rental etc. were revised and of course responsively implemented. Similarly, the usability and the design was improved with the assistance of knowledge from e-commerce tracking, to boost the conversion rate of the shop even more. The Jungfraubahn draws on the plentiful resources of Peaksolution and is marketing all the offers online on the shop. Within the first few weeks an increase in sales was achieved, particularly through the enhanced display on smartphones.

See for yourself and visit the new shop at

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