Peaksolution realises Europe’s largest crowdfunding project

At the renowned Swiss winter sport centre Saas-Fee a daily ticket normally costs 72 Swiss francs (equivalent to 67 Euro). Winter sport fans had the chance to register for six weeks via a crowdfunding platform for a season card for just 222 francs (205 Euro).

Until November 27th 2016 over 90.000 interested people had already bought a ticket on the platform Overall 24 Mio Euro were generated before the season start.

Technical implementation by Peaksolution

Peaksolution worked with associate company Skiline already with the Saastal tourism successfully for some years. Saas-Fee set on the part of Skiline on numerous attractions including the Adrenalin Cup. Likewise, Saas-Fee distributed lodging and ski passes through Peaksolution. Therefore, it seemed obvious to entrust Peaksolution with the technical implementation of this innovative concept. The aim was to bring tourists back to the region, to make the ski vacation an experience and achieve a value increase for the region.

Up to 1 Million sales volume per day

The website demonstrated Peaksolutions competence to carry out projects with an enormously high traffic. A sales volume of up to 1 Million was generated per day. Per hour a maximum of 10.000 users were on the site, which responded with good performance at any time. is based on the proven and tested technology of Peaksolution, whereby the gained experience is fed in the shops of our customers. Besides an intelligent newsletter system, E-commerce tracking was applied to monitor the sales.

For the Swiss winter tourism, that was fighting with regressive numbers in the last years, this measure was an important sign. In addition, the whole region profited of the media offensive and the added value of the newly won guests. Due to the great success of the campaign it was extended until December 24th 2016.

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